Duo Saves 1952 Chevy

Jan 8, 2023 1 min read
Duo Saves 1952 Chevy

Can this aged American classic be rescued?

Chevrolet automobiles from the 1950s are some of the most iconic vehicles to ever hit the American market. Throughout their time, they boasted a very unique style which is unlike anything built since. It makes sense, everyone these days likes looking at cars that reflect design cues of the 1960s and ‘70s but 1950s we’re an era in design that could be regarded as a spur of the moment type idea. This particular car is a great showcase of those ideas, the only problem being it has been sitting in a barn for years.

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Originally driven by an uncle of the current owner’s grandmother, the vehicle has sort of been all over the place. That uncle loved his car, even going as far as to wash it every weekend. However, the uncle eventually got himself into an accident by running a red light and getting T-boned. Everybody escaped the crash without injury but the uncle lost his liscense. From that point forward the car was sold to its current owner before hoping around the country.

Nowadays, the owner has enlisted the help of a growing automotive YouTube channel, What The Rust?, to get the car running once again. In the truck there sat a plethora of parts from a donor vehicle that proved pretty helpful but the real wonder is what’s under the hood. While the engine was t running when the couple of car people got there, they eventually got everything in order after a hard day’s work. Finally seeing this old legend back on the road once again is a beautiful sight and hopefully this is the start of a new phase of restoration in the car’s life.

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