Corvette And Mustang Crash Street Racing

Jan 8, 2023 2 min read
Corvette And Mustang Crash Street Racing

This is why you take it to the track…

A horrific dash cam video shows the moment when a street racing C7 Corvette and S550 Mustang crash big time while street racing in Lewisville, Texas on December 7. This is yet another example of why you shouldn’t give into temptation and engage in a street race on public roads, even if another driver tries goading you into it.

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When you’re pushing the envelope in your car, things can go wrong in a hurry. That’s why there are all kinds of safety provisions on tracks which don’t exist on public roads. Not only that, you have to contend with traffic that’s going the speed limit or at least close to it. In this case, the person driving the Mustang somehow failed to see a car in the same lane which was going far slower, slamming it and causing a fireball to erupt.

The collision spun out the Corvette, which hit the concrete barrier in the median. Had that not been there, things could’ve been worse with a crossover into oncoming traffic. You can’t see it in the video, but the C7 then rolled.

Rather than do the right thing, the driver of the Mustang, 27-year-old Jordan Brown, jumped out of his car and tried running away from the accident. State troopers state Brown was intoxicated when he slammed into the slower car in his lane, which would explain how he couldn’t see it.

As for the driver of the Corvette, that person along with a passenger were injured and taken to a hospital. The passenger was in critical condition. Thankfully, the innocent bystander driving the slower car was treated and released at the scene of the crash.

We never tell anyone that street racing is a good idea because it just isn’t. Sure, racing on a track comes with risk, but at least you’re only putting yourself and the other drivers who willingly got onto the track at risk. When you race on the street, innocent bystanders who are just trying to get to work, home, or wherever they’re going on a normal day are put right in the crossfire without even knowing it.

This is why we say street racing, especially where there is literally any traffic at all, is selfish. We know street racers hate hearing this because the truth hurts, but they need to hear this. The person whose car was slammed into by the Mustang could have been killed or maimed for life. They didn’t make a choice to street race, but still paid a price for the decision these two drivers made. That’s hardly just or fair.

Racing is fun, going fast is addictive, but doing it on public roads is incredibly dangerous. There’s a reason so many states have passed tough laws against street racing.

Source: Fox 4

Images via YouTube

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