Unleashing the Power: Dodge's Demon 170 Crate Engine

Nov 3, 2023 2 min read
Unleashing the Power: Dodge's Demon 170 Crate Engine

What would you put this wild engine into?

In a revelation that has gearheads and speed aficionados reeling with excitement, Dodge has unleashed upon the world the heart of a beast – the Demon 170 crate engine. This marvel of engineering, capable of generating an awe-inspiring 1,025 horsepower, is like a symphony of power, precision, and pure adrenaline.

Check out the Demon 170’s exclusive paint offering here.

The Hellephant C170 Crate HEMI Engine, priced at the striking sum of $27,695, represents more than just a powerhouse; it stands as a testament to American engineering prowess, paralleling the monumental feat of the Apollo moon landings. Its 6.2-liter V8 soul, force-fed by a massive three-liter supercharger, is fortified with stout pistons and rods, and breathes fire with a fuel mixture dominated by ethanol.

The remarkable affordability of this crate engine sets the stage for a new era of custom builds. In a market niche where four-digit horsepower figures often command sky-high prices, the Hellephant C170 positions itself as a disruptor – a more accessible gateway to the 1,000 horsepower club.

This announcement has sent ripples through the automotive community, sparking a burning question: What worthy vessel will enthusiasts choose to house this colossal power? Imagination runs wild with the possibilities – will it be a classic American muscle restoration, a sleeper sedan, or perhaps an audacious off-road conversion?

The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, with its street-legal dragster credentials, may have had its limelight, but the spotlight now shifts to its soul – the C170 Long Block. With a beefed-up intercooler and a 105mm throttle body, this crate engine is the cornerstone for those who missed the chance to own the limited-production vehicle.

This unprecedented move by Dodge, to offer the Demon 170's supercharged heart through Direct Connection, not only serves as a nod to its performance-enthused audience but also ignites the creative sparks of custom car builders everywhere.

As we anticipate the early next year release, one can only fantasize about the symphony of roars that will soon echo from garages across the nation. The call to action is clear – Dodge has provided the paint, now the world eagerly waits to see the masterpieces that aficionados will craft. With such colossal power just a crate away, the automotive landscape braces for a thrilling surge of creativity and speed.

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