Dodge E-Shop Changes How You Buy Mopars

Jan 14, 2022 2 min read
Dodge E-Shop Changes How You Buy Mopars

Are you planning on ditching the trip to the dealership?

A lot of people dread going car shopping. People always assume since you’re a car enthusiast that you love visiting dealerships and haggling to get that dream ride. But the reality is having a cool vehicle is the fun part, while trying to get a good deal on one, getting financing lined up, and taking delivery is the part that sucks. Dodge thinks it has the solution with the new E-Shop.

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Basically, the Dodge E-Shop is an online dealership where you can find or order a Dodge Challenger, Charger, or Durango. It also helps you line up financing, so you don’t have to visit a dealer to get everything set up and rolling. For a lot of people this will be extremely compelling.

Now, you don’t cut out dealerships entirely when using the Dodge E-Shop. After all, delivery still is done through a local dealer, although some do offer a home delivery service so you don’t have to drive to where they are to pick up your new ride. Thanks to the success of Vroom and Carvana, it’s not surprising to see automakers doing home delivery and online shopping experiences.

Sure, some of the reason for this shift is probably because of the pandemic. But we think it’s driven more by the collective demand for convenience and elimination of hassle. Maybe the shutdowns made people wake up and realize things could be done differently, but almost nobody likes going into a dealership, wasting hours of their time while supposedly haggling for a better deal, only to go sign the paperwork with the finance guy to realize they have to haggle even more. It’s an exhausting process. But we can’t say whether doing everything online will help you get a better price or get hosed on your new Dodge since this is a new program and such. It’ll be interesting to see how things run and how much people take to this new way of car shopping through Dodge dealerships.

Check out the announcement video for yourself.

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