Dodge Daytonas Relive Good Times

Jan 2, 2023 2 min read
Dodge Daytonas Relive Good Times

Classics that know what driving really is…

For many , the 1969 Dodge Daytona or Plymouth superbird is a dream car unlike any other on the classic automotive market. Combining out of this world styling with the kind of high tech engineering you might only find with a true race car, these birds use their advantages to really fly on the track. So imagine finding one in a barn after a life of sitting and countless hours on the race track. Better yet, imagine finding multiple.

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This was the case with one car YouTuber whose job it is to scour many rule places and network among fellow car enthusiasts to find the best classic automobiles out there. Upfront you’ll find a cascade of car parts and forestry but on the inside sits a few incredibly special cars that you would never expect to have found a home within the confines of an old barn. One of these is a 1969 Dodge Daytona that looks to have been used, at least somewhat, in racing. The other Also sports a 440 in.³ V8 engine and bears much resemblance in terms of what it was likely used for. One of the coolest things about the first car we mention is that the owner flipped around the brake vents scoops on either fender to act like ram Aaron takes. This might not actually do anything for the performance but it’s kind of funny and definitely gives the car a unique personality.

As you might expect, the party definitely doesn’t stop there as there is another blue Dodge Daytona sitting in the barn with those cars. Watching as the owner climbs over the hood, we can see that all of these cars, though they might’ve looked a little worse for wear, have all lived a life of a true muscle car. They weren’t babied or shoved away in the garage, though it looks like they were pretty well taken care of for a long time. Rather they were driven and pushed to the limit of what they could do. While we all love seeing perfectly maintained or restored examples of these cars, isn’t that the life that a vehicle like these ones deserved?

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