Dodge Charger Stolen During Test Drive

Feb 11, 2022 1 min read
Dodge Charger Stolen During Test Drive

Criminals are getting bolder.

If you're looking for a new car, or gently used one, and notice the dealerships are baren wastelands, you can at least partially thank crooks for contributing to this growing problem. Just like a retail store increasing prices to adjust for increased theft, dealerships are likely considering the same. More and more cars are being stolen straight from dealerships, and then used inventory is even lower when people steal cars that are unable to be traded in. Obviously, it's not the core issue with scarcity and astronomical prices, but it does tick you off even more so when some entitled criminal thinks they get the car you've been shopping to purchase.

Another story has surfaced in Forsyth, GA with a Dodge Charger, the apparent state bird of Georgia, when two men swiped the car during a test drive. A pair of car theives rolled up at the Don Jackson North car dealership located on Georgia 400 in a red Camaro.

"Stealing a car at 4 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon in Forsyth... really?" the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office posted on social.

They went in to test drive a 2018 black Dodge Charger and as the salesperson went to get in the passenger seat, the theif jumped in and took off. The red Camaro driver then followed the car as they go on Georgia 400. Little did they know, there were deputies close by due to an unrelated incident.

A dash cam video shows the patrol car getting right up on the Camaro, and a deputy pulling her gun and giving commands "hands up, hands up, hands up," and the driver was taken into custody without incident. Turns out, the Camaro was also stolen, shocker.

Meanwhile, the driver of the stolen Charger crashed the car and took off on foot, running right towards a sergeant having a patrol car washed. The Charger theif was taken into custody at the car wash.

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