Dodge Charger Crashes In Thanksgiving Day Street Race

Nov 28, 2022 1 min read
Dodge Charger Crashes In Thanksgiving Day Street Race

Witnesses say a Monte Carlo saved the day…

For most people, Thanksgiving in the United States is a day for family, but for two drivers in the northwest part of Miami-Dade County in Florida, it was a day for street racing. A Dodge Charger took on another unidentified vehicle, only to crash in a parking lot where volunteers had been feeding the homeless last Thursday afternoon. Three people were injured in the crash and the other driver got away.

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According to witness reports, the Charger driver lost control and ran the Mopar onto the median. From there, it hit some bushes, then struck a support column for the Metrorail above. Then the Dodge veered through oncoming traffic, somehow missing those cars, finally coming to rest in a convenience store parking lot after it hit a parked Chevy Monte Carlo.

The owner of that heroic Monty Carlo, Jerry Lewis, told a local journalist he and other volunteers had been barbecuing for the homeless in the parking lot earlier in the day. The activity had finished but they were still gathered together to watch football when the crash happened. Lewis believes his car saved lives as the Charger was headed straight for the group of people.

Still, two individuals in the parking lot were struck by debris from the wreck. Crews had to extricate the Dodge driver. All three were transported to the hospital, but the two innocent bystanders were expected to be okay. The status of the driver was unknown.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, a fact which by itself seems to be a Thanksgiving miracle. While it might seem unusual that someone was street racing on the holiday, there’s actually a bit of history of this sort of thing happening. Chalk it up to people sitting bored at home, not wanting to fight over pumpkin pie with the family, or whatever, but street racing on Thanksgiving is a bit of an issue.

Sources: WSVN, WPLG

Image via YouTube

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