Dodge Charger Crashes Into Bus And Loses

Jun 16, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Charger Crashes Into Bus And Loses

The land yacht finally met its match…

We already know Dodge Chargers are big and heavy enough to be excellent battering rams, which is one of the reasons law enforcement has been using them. Unfortunately, in an accident that can be bad news for most vehicles on the receiving end of the Mopar’s punishment, unless that other vehicle is a city bus.

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Back on June 9, an unnamed man drove his Dodge Charger right into the side of a city bus in Memphis, Tennessee. The crash was fiery but mostly peaceful, thanks in part to the fact the Mopar looks to have barely dented the much larger vehicle.

First responders initially thought the driver had been shot and that’s why he crashed, leaving him in critical condition. However, the “gunshot wound” turned out to be an injury sustained in the crash. While zero details are provided about what happened, we can’t help but think of the exploding Takata airbag inflators which made first responders several years ago suspect victims had been shot or attacked with a knife.

Unfortunately, the man wasn’t the only one injured in the wreck. A 2-month-old baby was also hurt. Both of them are recovering, so it sounds like they’ll be okay. Thankfully the fire appears to have been put out quickly before it could consume the car and bus, or this whole incident could have been far worse.

Countless times, we’ve seen Chargers and their little brother, the Challenger, crash into all sorts of other cars and just ruin them. The most hilarious incident was when a Mopar skinned a Tesla, literally peeling off the paint as it sideswiped the electric vehicle.

It sounds like police in Memphis are still piecing together exactly why this crash happened, so we’ll just leave this at another reminder to drive safe, keep your eyes on your surroundings, and start seeing city buses.

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