Dodge Charger Blacks Out Trying To Run From Cops

Jul 28, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Charger Blacks Out Trying To Run From Cops

Yeah, it didn’t work…

One tactic some criminals who want to run from the cops will use is to shut off their lights when it’s nighttime, getting lost in the surrounding darkness. This method of course works well if you’re in a more rural area, which was the case with this Dodge Charger running from an Arkansas State Police trooper. However, the second element necessary for this technique to really work is you need a dark vehicle, preferably one with a matte finish. Instead, the white paint on the Mopar made it like a beacon even with the lights turned off.

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Look, criminals aren’t always the brightest crayons in the box. If they were, they’d realize that putting their time and effort into breaking the law isn’t the way to get ahead. They might also realize that every time they hit the brakes, three glowing red lights let the cops see exactly where they are. It’s like watching a little kid hide under a blanket while they snigger about how smart they are.

Not only does the driver shut off the lights on the Mopar, he pulls all kinds of dumb maneuvers to lose the trooper. Any cop worth their salt could keep up as they drive on the wrong side of the road with no oncoming traffic, drive on the shoulder to get around what little traffic they encounter later, and sloppily attempt to power slide through turns.

After making a left turn around stopped traffic at a light, two arms come out of the passenger-side windows. The video quality isn’t good enough to show if they’re taking selfies, livestreaming the chase, or giving the pursuing trooper the one finger salute.

Instead of taking unnecessary risks to stop this Charger, the trooper is patient and methodical. When the suspect driver makes a critical mistake, the trooper executes a sufficient PIT maneuver and the chase is over. Once you get a glimpse of the suspects, they all look like scared kids. Hopefully they learned a lesson and have stuck to legitimate pursuits since.

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