Dodge Challenger Widebody Wrecks Into Curb

Feb 28, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Widebody Wrecks Into Curb

This takes some special skill to pull off…

Somewhere in the United States right now someone is doing something incredibly stupid in a Dodge Challenger. That might sound like a wild shot in the dark, but after seeing so many videos of people wrecking out gloriously in these modern Mopar muscle cars, chances are I’m correct. One of the latest and dumbest examples comes to us via Instagram user 323_1320.

Check out this 90s Burt Reynolds Bandit commercial here.

In the video, we see someone in a Dodge Challenger Widebody doing an okay burnout on a public road at night. Doing that kind of stuff on public roads is dangerous, stupid, and selfish, but if you’re going to be all that could you at least do a good burnout, not just a somewhat decent one?

Anyway, the guy “driving” the Mopar immediately loses control, sending it careening to the left, across the opposing lane of traffic which thankfully was empty at the time. As he’s doing this, the back end just keeps swinging around. From the sound in the video, it’s pretty obvious the moron has his foot planted on the accelerator, so no wonder.

The Challenger keeps spinning around until it hits the curb passenger-side rear wheel first. Since it’s still traveling pretty fast, the Dodge muscle car jumps up into the air a good amount on impact, then slams back to the pavement in what looks like a parking lot or something.

Immediately, all the people who were gathered on the side of the road to watch this fool do his little stunts on a public road instead of taking it to the track come running over to gloat, mock, taunt, etc. That’s requisite anytime someone does stupid stuff like this. And we’d be willing to bet these same people were telling the driver to do a burnout on the road in the first place. So they pressured him into doing something dumb and then make fun of him for doing what they said. And that’s about the level of intelligence involved in these sorts of street takeover activities.

We don’t know for sure where this video was shot, but it’s obviously somewhere in the United States. The Instagram account is called “Los Angeles Racing” so it might be in that area, but we honestly don’t know. To see the video for yourself, click here.

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