Dodge Challenger Used As Cover In Florida Puppy Shootout

Oct 26, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Used As Cover In Florida Puppy Shootout

Well, now we’ve seen everything!

We’ve seen Dodge Challengers used for all sorts of things, from getaway cars to smoke machines, but a woman in Florida used hers as cover in a gunfight over some puppies. According to reports, the incident went down in West Park during the evening of October 18.

Dodges and stolen French Bulldogs are a disturbing trend, like in this story here.

The whole thing started when 3 men showed up at a woman’s house to inquire about some French Bulldog puppies which were for sale. They claimed to know a friend of the victim, someone she trusted, so she let them in her house, then called the friend.

That turned out to be a huge mistake. The friend said he didn’t send the men and that’s when they pulled a gun and pointed it at her. Rather than just let them rob and shoot her, the woman decided to fight back. During the ensuing scuffle, the men took 2 of the puppies and ran out the front door.

Doorbell camera footage shows the men dashing out the door, one of the dropping a puppy and returning to scoop it up. Then the woman runs out the door, ducks behind a Dodge Challenger, and opens fire on the armed men. She squeezed off several rounds as at least one of the men returned fire, broken glass flying into view of the camera as bullets narrowly missed the woman.

Valued at $4,000 each, the French Bulldog puppies are tempting targets. However, without papers any dog is worth considerably less, a fact the thieves likely don’t entirely realize. We’ve seen many dog and puppy thefts along with Mopars, but this is the first we’ve seen one of the muscle cars used as cover in a gunfight over expensive pets.

While the men got away after the shootout, 2 of them were later arrested. Both are 16 years-old and are facing charges for armed robbery with a firearm and shooting into an occupied dwelling. Police are still on the hunt for the other suspect and the missing puppies.

Check out the doorbell camera footage in the embedded video.

Sources: NBC Miami, Miami Herald

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