Discovering Detroit's Hidden Automotive Jewels: Beyond the Traditional Barn Find

Aug 21, 2023 1 min read
Discovering Detroit's Hidden Automotive Jewels: Beyond the Traditional Barn Find

Unearthing Motor City's Legacy: Beyond Barns to Detroit's Hidden Automotive Treasures.

While the internet often buzzes with stories of decrepit barn finds – vehicles that time forgot – Detroit, the very heart of the auto industry, recently unveiled a collection that redefines this narrative. Can it top the thrill of a traditional barn find? We think so.

Tom Bailey, the mastermind behind Sick the Magazine and organizer of events like Sick Week and Sick Powerfest, had the rare opportunity to step behind the doors of a covert Detroit establishment following his involvement in the Sick Powerfest and Roadkill Nights. This undisclosed location, in essence, serves as the storehouse for the Detroit Historical Society's vast automotive treasures.

Bailey, clearly awestruck, likened the experience to a cinematic moment on his YouTube channel. He mentioned, “... it feels reminiscent of an Indiana Jones scene – entering an aged structure only to discover it spans several hundred feet.”

A veritable cornucopia of automotive legacy awaits inside. The collection showcases timeless pieces from industry giants such as Cadillac (boasting its inaugural closed-cabin model), Chrysler, Dodge, AMC, Chevy, Ford, Jeep, and Packard. There's even a rare sighting of a few Stout Scarabs. Impressively, some vehicles remain ensconced in their initial factory plastic wrappings. Others are ensconced in inflatable protective coverings. What's particularly noteworthy is that many of these vehicles marked revolutionary milestones in the automotive industry, and a few are concepts that never transitioned to mass production. The warehouse's charm doesn't stop at cars; it also harbors vintage industrial machinery and heritage fire engines.

For a visual journey through this unparalleled automotive archive, Bailey's video offers glimpses of vehicular artifacts that are truly unparalleled. Dive in to experience a history that remains unmatched.

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