Denver Teen Restores Car To Help Community

Feb 25, 2022 2 min read
Denver Teen Restores Car To Help Community

This dedicated car guy has decided to use his passion for the good of others in an extraordinary way.

The car community is one of the closest-knit gatherings of people to ever exist in the United States because of its openness to accept newcomers, skill-based hierarchical structure, and a vast array of subgenres. So whether you are a fan of Japanese drift missiles, American dragsters, or German road racers, there is a place for you, even as a beginner. One such car enthusiast named Oscar Proffitt is helping to unite car enthusiasts across Denver to help those in need. Heralded as a place for anyone regardless of knowledge level, this new car club aims to educate young men and women on the mechanical side of cars while also teaching the importance of giving a helping hand.

It all started with a 2000 Acura Integra that a family generously donated to the cause because of some significant issues with the rear brake rotors. From there, the movement took off as more kids joined the program to fix up this old car and learn about what makes it tick. Some of the work includes changing out the brakes, fixing any reliability issue that might be wrong with the engine and finally fixing up the interior. After months of tireless work, the group is almost finished with the restoration project has fixed all of the vehicle’s most prominent issues. The team has decided to go full circle with this project by donating it to someone in need through the Denver Rescue Mission, which aims to help families out of homelessness.

After having raised all of the money himself via crowdfunding events, grants, and some cash of his own, Oscar has nearly completed his goal of bringing together a community of car people to help the needy. While we are not sure what the plans are as far as rebuilding a second vehicle, we’re confident that this upstanding figure in the community will do far more to help as time goes on. This story is particularly uplifting for car enthusiasts like us as a big part of car culture is younger people who want to learn about the car. Proffitt has given those youngsters the chance to work together to support a good cause while learning about their passion.

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