Dead Man’s Corvette Stolen In Memphis

Oct 21, 2022 2 min read
Dead Man’s Corvette Stolen In Memphis

Car thieves don’t respect anyone…

Car thieves don’t respect anyone, a fact we know shouldn’t be shocking, but still this story of a dead man’s Corvette being stolen makes our blood boil. According to a local news report out of Memphis, Tennessee, a man is facing charges for allegedly stealing a 1976 Chevy Corvette after the owner passed away. A neighbor witnessed the man just loading it onto a trailer hitched up to a Ram pickup like it was nothing.

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This all went down on October 5 and it sounds like the crime was committed in broad daylight. What’s more, police say the truck used to tow the Corvette away was also stolen. Thankfully, it only took police until October 14 to track down the ‘Vette, although a neighbor who was interviewed admitted they didn’t think it would ever be found.

Sadly, plenty of stolen cars are never located. This is why we recommend using multiple tracking devices on something you value greatly. While not an ace in the hole, they can help in locating a vehicle after it’s been boosted by thieves.

Eventually, investigators were able to track the stolen ’76 Corvette. It was sitting on the trailer being pulled by the Ram, which was parked by a house 3 miles away from where the ‘Vette was originally stolen. That’s where they found 34-year-old Christopher Atkins using a reciprocating saw to cut the catalytic converter off a minivan that was parked in the road. Atkins fled from officers but was quickly apprehended.

After being questioned by police, Atkins reportedly confessed to being in the Ram truck when the Corvette was stolen. Police were able to ascertain the pickup was stolen from Mississippi. Oftentimes, criminals will steal one vehicle to then use it in the theft of other cars. We’ve seen this with trucks and trailers as well as tow trucks.

The fact the suspects were pulling the Corvette onto a trailer in view of neighbors shows just how bold criminals have become. Even worse, the sports car was being stored in a garage, so it shows just because you keep your valuables out of sight doesn’t mean criminals won’t target them.

Source: News Channel 3

Image via Speed Digital

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