Creepy Abandoned Mansion Property Has Classic Car Graveyard

May 27, 2022 2 min read
Creepy Abandoned Mansion Property Has Classic Car Graveyard

This old house is surrounded by mystery which may now be a little clearer.

Every once in a while, we get to see a barn find or abandoned collection that piques our interest for one reason or another. Whether it is for the collection's contents, geographical significance, or historical weight, many of these discoveries can be very attractive. Perhaps you're into classic cruisers or car show legends, while others may be racers at heart. Whatever the case, there will always be a hidden treasure out there waiting for you to find it. This particular gathering of automobiles showcases all three of the aforementioned attractions. So what is it about this collection that makes it so attractive?

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One could argue that this is one of the most remarkable stories in barn find history, as the owner of this particular house was rumored to be an artist. Having been very successful in his day, the artist purchased a home sometime in the late 1700s. After their eventual passing, the house went to a very wealthy heiress who apparently had a bit of an affection for automobiles. The heiress lived on until 1914, and the property would inevitably be auctioned off in 1952 and then resold in 1958. Since then, the house has been a hotel and tourist attraction and eventually was abandoned. That's what gives the exterior such a haunting vibe.

You can clearly see several classic Ford Escorts along the home's perimeter, which seem almost out of place in such an overgrown home. However, these vehicles come from the first generation, which has apparently become pretty rare and hold some good weight on the classic car market. Somewhere down the line, after being purchased by its current owner, the house was set for some significant renovations. These were likely the owners' property, but eventually, restoration was shut down after the owner fell on some hard times. Another exciting part of this house is one of the rooms used to grow weed and still holds some equipment. Overall, this is a property shrouded in mystery and will continue to be the center of much speculation by neighbors and explorers alike for many years to come.

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