Crazy Man Supercharges Wife’s SUV Without Her Knowing

Aug 6, 2023 2 min read
Crazy Man Supercharges Wife’s SUV Without Her Knowing

This devoted husband has decided to show what he will do for love by supercharging his wife’s Cadillac Escalade, her reaction is hilarious.

The automotive side of YouTubers is chock full of crazy car enthusiasts with a passion for speed doing things that anyone else would regard as insane. Whether it's a younger guy buying his mom a Lamborghini for her birthday, the Hoonigan team building another insane muscle car, or one of Ken Block'sBlock's various stunts, car enthusiasts never disappoint. However, it's not every day that we get to see a true automotive legend take his wife's car for a run on the dyno. But, of course, that was not all he did, as his plan was to surprise her with a shiny new supercharger on top of their completely stock family hauler. While he is hesitant to call the vehicle a complete build, it has more horsepower than some of the complete in-depth projects he's done in the past.

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The car in question is a 2017 Cadillac Escalade Platinum, which sports a mid-level 6.2-liter V8 engine rated at 420 horsepower to the crankshaft. This truck has been driven quite hard in its life as the rear wheels only put down about 300 horsepower to the dyno. Four months before this project, this man had obtained a massive Magnuson supercharger which would be the basis of this undertaking. First up on the list is a set of maintenance things that needed to be done, such as cleaning out the motor and changing the spark plugs. Then, finally, it was time to slap that gigantic blower on top of the engine and take the thing out for a rip.

Surprisingly enough, the supercharger fits perfectly under the hood as the shape was designed to contour around the standard GM engine bay. The extra-long wheelbase of this massive truck means that drifting and quick turning will not be a part of the driving experience, but acceleration should be crazy. After fitting the supercharger in its place, the builder had his wife take him for a drive under the pretense of doing a promo for a product. She flipped out upon realizing that they had a lot more power at hand.

This was one of the most legitimately hilarious car videos on YouTube, not only because of the ridiculous premise but also because of the wife's openness to the extra power. Even though she nearly jumped out of her seat on acceleration, she eventually got used to the added power. By the end of the video, this truck was getting through around like a drag car in the cold. Gentlemen, this man has found the perfect birthday present or valentines day gift for a car girl near you; follow in his footsteps.

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