Couple Buys Back Their 1969 Dodge Charger Dream Car

Feb 17, 2024 1 min read
Couple Buys Back Their 1969 Dodge Charger Dream Car

Everyone has that one that gets away, and this Michigan couple was able to get theirs back!

Married for 45 years, Marc and Darlene Rozman bought a 1969 Dodge Charger RT back in 2001. This Mopar muscle car dream car was the point of many memories for the couple until they sold it, but they actually got the change to buy the Charger back, something a lot of us who sell cars don’t ever get.

The Rozmans, like many of us, were able to make new connections with car friends and even re-connect with old friends, thanks to their classic Dodge Charger. They also often took part in car events like the annual Dream Cruise on Woodward Avenue in Michigan. In 2012, they sold their 1969 Dodge Charger with the intention of buying a car with more to offer, but would realize they made a mistake.

Originally bought in the fall of 2000, or 2001, depending on which of the Rozmans you talk to, they decided it was time to get the car back five years after selling it because there was a definite void in their lives. They kept contact with the Charger’s new owner after selling it, and he reported that every time he took it to a car show, he was asked “Is that Marc’s car?”

The new owner was generous enough to sell it back to the couple, which they resumed taking to the Woodward Dream Cruise to get back to connecting with their car friends. Marc is also a photographer for the famous Dream Cruise and he’s an avid collector of memorabilia and model cars.

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