Classic Ford Bronco Unveiled with Godzilla V8 Engine

Jan 4, 2024 1 min read
Classic Ford Bronco Unveiled with Godzilla V8 Engine

Matko Motors Blends Vintage Charm and Modern Power in a Unique SUV Build.

Matko Motors has unveiled a build of the iconic Ford Bronco, powered by Ford's formidable 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 engine. This project not only pushes the boundaries of automotive restoration but also introduces a fresh perspective to the world of classic off-roaders.

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The unique Bronco, labeled as VIN001 and boasting a mere 8,800 miles, is the first of its kind to feature the Godzilla engine, typically reserved for Ford's Super Duty Trucks. This ambitious adaptation showcases the versatility and potential of the Bronco, a vehicle already renowned for its ruggedness and adaptability.

However, the integration of such a powerful engine into the vintage frame presented a unique challenge: the original, unmodified noise level of the Godzilla V8 was overpoweringly loud. The owner, seeking a balance between the raw power of the engine and a more refined driving experience, turned to the expertise of Exhaust Addicts. Their solution was a custom, valved exhaust system, capable of delivering the best of both worlds.

With a simple press of a button, the driver can now alternate between an aggressive, throaty roar that fully expresses the Godzilla engine's capabilities and a quieter, more subdued sound profile. This innovative approach not only preserves the engine's impressive performance but also adds an element of versatility, allowing the Bronco to comfortably navigate both wild off-road adventures and more urban settings.

This custom Ford Bronco stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of automotive innovation. Blending the nostalgic charm of a classic SUV with the raw power of a modern truck engine, Matko Motors has created a vehicle that respects its heritage while boldly stepping into the future. This build not only excites Bronco enthusiasts and classic car collectors but also paves the way for new explorations in the realm of vehicle restoration and customization.

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