Civic Takes On Ford F-150 In Head To Head Drag Race

Feb 21, 2023 2 min read
Civic Takes On Ford F-150 In Head To Head Drag Race

These nearly 1,000 hp racers are highly competitive and ready for action.

Ok, somebody needs to take control and start putting some of these Hondas in their place because things are starting to get out of hand. At least, vehicles like this particular 1999 Honda Civic with more engine work done to it then you might find in a fully blown top fuel dragster and a couple thousand dollars under the hood worth of parts exudes that perfect. Recently, a competitor has stepped up to the plate to try and take on one of the car community's most iconic enthusiast vehicles. There’s just one thing that you might not expect, it’s not a car.

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Under the hood of the Honda Civic is a K series four-cylinder engine with a massive turbocharger. It’s funny to hear the hoonigan team joke around with the owner about what kind of a school bus he must’ve taken that turbocharger off of, but when you really look at it it’s hard to know if they’re kidding or not. Altogether, this vehicle makes somewhere in the ballpark of 900 hp which is pretty crazy for such a small car. However, his opponent will likely be the biggest challenge that this Civic has ever faced as it is a Ford F150 with 1000 hp under the hood.

And race number one the Honda Civic shoots off the line with violent tenacity making the truck look sort of slow in comparison. However, by the time the Civic got to the finish line, the two vehicles were neck and neck and the Civic only barely won because of the truck's difficulty in the traction department. Round two, that issue got sorted out entirely and the truck left the Civic in the dust like it wasn’t even moving. Finally, round three was upon them and this time the civic wasn’t playing around in terms of milking every advantage it had in the beginning of the race. In the end however, the truck is still one which just goes to show you just how incredibly high torque an American muscle truck can be.

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