Citizens Rise Up Against Car Theft

Jan 6, 2023 2 min read
Citizens Rise Up Against Car Theft

These Portlanders are taking back what was stolen from them.

People are starting to get pretty tired of having their cars stolen from them by the degeneracy of drug addicts and criminals that take others property with no regard for the well-being of others. For some reason, it also seems that the police have stopped doing their jobs and prefer to act as bystanders that handle issues after that happened rather than preventing the crime from taking place in the first place. So, there is only really one natural route for that turn of events to go down. People will not stand to have their property stolen from them and even if it’s hard for some people to understand, when you take away somebody’s car you’re taking away their ability to provide for their family which is absolutely unacceptable. So the citizens of Portland Oregon have come up with an idea.

Essentially, a group of like-minded citizens are shown going around the town and checking the Vin numbers on different vehicles. Each time they run the Vin, it’ll show them whether the car has been stolen or not. At least, it will tell them if they have been reported stolen. Because of their actions, many citizens of Portland Oregon have gotten their cars back from whoever took them with a few of them making appearances on the news to share their story.

Certainly, the police appreciate the effort that these people put into their work. However, they also bring up a pretty good point, a lot of the people doing that are just normal everyday citizens who don’t know what they’re doing in terms of handling conflict. For some reason, it’s an issue that the police departments either don’t have the funding or the will to take care of so the citizens are going to need to continue doing what they’re doing. However, for their own sake, it would be wise of them to go through conflict, combat, or even firearms training to protect themselves in case one of those violent criminals decides to put an end to their operations. As the destructive fires of greed are slowly being quenched by this kind hearted group of individuals, we can all hope for the best for them as they unite families with one of their most valuable assets.

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