Flipped Ford Truck Cruises Around Town

Jan 7, 2023 1 min read
Flipped Ford Truck Cruises Around Town

It may look like an accident but in reality it’s a build.

Have you ever flipped a car? If so, you might not find this spectacle particularly funny considering it might bring back some painful memories of a devastating car crash. However, it’s pretty safe to say that the rest of us can laugh along with the owner of this incredibly well designed custom truck. At first glance you might cringe at the thought of a terrible accident but soon realize that it was indeed built to look like it’s upside down. So why did the owner do this?

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Well the story goes, a little while ago, he was hard at work responding to the scene of the accident in which a Ford F150 was overturned. With all four wheels sticking upright in the air, he decided that he might as well make a truck that looked just like it without having to go through the expensive process of actually wrecking his vehicle. It was sort of a challenge to himself, if that makes sense. He wanted to see what his capabilities really were when it came to building a classic custom and this truck really does show off his talents well.

Nowadays, you’ll find the truck riding around through the streets with the owners family accompanying him along the way. Needless to say the truck gets a lot of attention which is something that everybody close to this guy can enjoy. Many comments or comments pointed out what might happen if the truck was actually flipped over, pointing out paramedics might initially think it was completely fine due to its looks. While this is, of course, an absurd scenario, everything about this track is about having fun and thinking outside of the box which is why it is absolutely fantastic.

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