Chris Pratt Owns A Customized Volkswagen Beetle

Jul 6, 2022 2 min read
Chris Pratt Owns A Customized Volkswagen Beetle

And he fixed it up himself…

Chris Pratt is easily one of the more relatable celebrities in Hollywood. While he’s red-hot at the moment, having starred in plenty of big budget films with more on the way, the guy has retained a down-to-earth humility which is refreshing. Even better, he seems to be a bit of a gearhead. His taste in cars also reflects his lack of pretense, so it really shouldn’t be surprising that he owns a beloved 1965 Volkswagen Beetle.

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It's estimated Chris Pratt’s net worth is somewhere around $80 million. He could easily afford a Rolls-Royce, any Ferrari, a Pagani, Koenigsegg – the list goes on and on. Once you know the backstory of the ’65 Bug the man still owns, it’s understandable why he holds onto and cherishes the thing. For starters, Pratt won the German classic car in a game of blackjack. That’s the kind of story you save to tell at cocktail parties, getting a nice group crowded around to hear.

When Pratt won the Beetle, he said it was a total clunker. We imagine it looked awful and possibly ran worse. However, the man didn’t just turn around and sell it. Instead, he held onto the thing, fixing it up over the course of 12 years. He also customized his ride, making it look and drive nicer than most would expect.

Pratt says he turned to YouTube for a lot of help on figuring out how to work on his VW. Like we said, the guy is super relatable and humble. Most movie stars once they start seeing even the tiniest bit of success won’t do a minute of manual labor. Granted, classic Type 1s are pretty easy to work on, but this still makes us respect the guy more.

As you can see in the photo, Pratt’s little Volkswagen Bug is a beauty. And the man proves he’s a gearhead, even if he doesn’t own a fire-breathing muscle car, although we recommend he grabs one.

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