Chicago Man Crashes Into His Own Car

Jul 25, 2022 1 min read
Chicago Man Crashes Into His Own Car

There was shooting involved too, because Chicago…

File this under one of the weirder stories we’ve seen this week: a man in Chicago rammed into his own car which had been stolen in an attempt to stop the thieves. It’s the kind of vigilantism that police usually tell you to not engage in, especially since the thieves started shooting at him when they noticed the guy was following the car. It also highlights how everyday citizens are getting fed up with a system which refuses to crack down on crime.

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On the night of June 13, an unnamed man was driving an undisclosed vehicle (it might have been his or borrowed – we don’t know) when he spotted the white Honda HRV which someone stole from him. That’s when the guy decided to follow his stolen property but the three guys inside must have noticed, because they opened fire.

Instead of backing off at that point, the Honda’s owner followed the stolen vehicle onto the interstate and rear-ended it. Considering the thieves had already demonstrated a willingness to kill him, that was probably not the wisest move. The suspects thankfully just jumped out of the HRV and ran.

According to the local news report from Fox 32, the owner of the Honda suffered some minor cuts to his arms. That could have been from an airbag deploying. He was taken to the hospital and was in good condition. The state of the two cars wasn’t mentioned, but we wouldn’t be surprised if both were totaled. We’ve heard of some insurance companies just totaling stolen cars, so even if you get your ride back it will have a salvage title should you decide to keep it.

Surprisingly, nobody was taken into custody. Even if they had been, Chicago is notorious for letting violent criminals out on small bond amounts. Perhaps that’s why citizens are becoming more willing to take matters into their own hands instead of just trusting the justice system to work.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

Image via IMDB

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