Chevy Nova Remade Into 1000 Horsepower Beast

Jun 8, 2022 1 min read
Chevy Nova Remade Into 1000 Horsepower Beast

It's quite the build!

The LS powertrain is a bit of a ridiculous platform in automotive customs and racing car design. It's so straightforward to push out massive sums of power on a tight budget that it can almost feel like cheating. However, especially when discussing forced-induction powertrains, these engines can be the perfect centerpiece for your build. This particular car is an excellent example of that as it boasts one of the best LS engines with a massive supercharger combined with one of Chevy's most iconic bodies. Here is one of the craziest Chevy Novas we've ever seen.

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Under the hood is a massive LS3 V8 engine that utilizes a total displacement of 6.2-liter, making for a respectable 430 horsepower in stock form. But, of course, as a builder, this guy wasn't going to keep any part of his beloved muscle car stock, and the engine was no exception to that rule. Nowadays, that powerhouse features a violent stage-three camshaft and some tremendous sounding headers which bump the power up significantly. These internal modifications are all well and good, but the proper piece of focus on this car is the massive supercharger which brings power to 920 horsepower to the rear wheels.

All of that power is accompanied by an insane 830 ft/lbs of torque, making it a violent muscle car that still holds the brutal simplicity of old-school engineering with superior performance and modern touches. That's what makes the LS such a fantastic engine in the first place; it's not too complicated, easy to work on, and highly versatile. Unlike many other V8s that it competes with, this engine is legitimately the perfect project car powertrain for anyone looking to make a custom classic car. This Nova now sits on the throne of GM resto-mods. Who will be next to challenge its superior design?

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