Chevy Corvette Driver Killed In Florida Crash

Mar 30, 2022 2 min read
Chevy Corvette Driver Killed In Florida Crash

What a horrible way to go…

A fatal accident involving a Chevy Corvette and a Toyota Tacoma is a somber reminder of the need to be cautious while behind the wheel. The crash took place on County Road 484 in Belleview, Florida around 3 pm on March 24. After Marion County Fire Rescue arrived, it took about five minutes to extricate the driver from the Corvette. However, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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According to Florida Highway Patrol troopers who were on the scene, the Corvette was traveling east in the outside lane of CR 484. They said the Tacoma was traveling westbound on CR 484. The truck pulled into the left lane to turn onto Southeast 25th Avenue at the time of the collision.

During the left-hand turn, the Toyota pickup T-boned the Corvette on the driver’s side. With the front bumper probably about head-level with the driver of the Chevy, the wreck proved fatal. Both the sports car and truck slid onto the southeast portion of the grassy road shoulder. As you can see from the photos, pieces of both vehicles were scattered a good distance.

As for the driver of the Toyota Tacoma, the 88-year-old woman was taken to a local hospital. Her condition wasn’t disclosed.

A witness who said he was driving behind the Corvette told local reporters the man was using his sports car to weave between lanes of traffic. After coming to a stop at a traffic light, the Chevy was first in the left lane and so the driver punched it, surging ahead of the rest of the cars. Then it transitioned into the right lane near Southeast 25th Avenue, where the crash took place. The man claimed when the Corvette was hit, the collision was so violent the sports car went airborne before landing on its wheels again.

Florida Highway Patrol was still conducting its investigation at the time of the local report, so blame had not been assigned to either driver. Our hearts go out to both families. Like we said before, this is a reminder to be cautious while driving in your performance vehicle. Even if you do everything right, other drivers might not.

Source: Ocala StarBanner

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