Chevy Collection Features Chevy II Nova

Jul 6, 2023 2 min read
Chevy Collection Features Chevy II Nova

Big block power with 565 cubic inches of displacement and lots of friends, this car is wild.

Opening on the sight of six American muscle car masterpieces, 1320 seemingly has their work cut out for them in the information department. That's because the collection features such icons as a bright red Chevrolet Bel Air, a yellow Camaro, and what looks like a lifted Chevrolet K10. In fact, the owner seems to have a mighty strong affection for GM and Chevrolet automobiles. On top of all that, there is one car that perfectly combines the best of classic automobiles and muscle car racing pedigree.

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That car is the Chevy Nova II which is a more than iconic automobile for anyone who loves the style of a vintage vehicle. Built originally in 1962, this old racer shows off its bright green body paint to intimidate the competition with its confidence on the track. Under the hood is a massive engine which utilizes a ridiculous 565 cubic inch V8 engine, a big-block to say the least. On top of that, that incredible powerhouse was in desperate need of a great power transfer system. You might remember a piece called the TH400 transmission, a strong gearbox that provides a great mix of customizability, speed, and acceleration.

All of this is well and good, however it would appear the owner has a lot more in mind for his garage. One such model is a beautiful 1986 Chevrolet Camaro which should be a great companion for his first generation Camaro. That certainly isn't the only name worn by his new dream as the Camaro is an IROC model, one which many enthusiasts love dearly. Overall, while the collection may not yet be finished, it's not so far off to call it one of the coolest Chevy gatherings owned by someone who really seems to love cars. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more good things to come for the vehicles and their drivers. loves Hagerty Drivers Club and we’re sure you will too. For just $70 per year, members enjoy six issues of the award-winning Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, unlimited access to Hagerty Valuation Tools, answers to any and all automotive questions from Ask Hagerty, VIP perks at events across the country, exclusive automotive offers, 24/7 emergency roadside service and so much more. What’s more — it’s a great deal. Using just one or two of the Drivers Club benefits easily pays for the cost of membership for the entire year. Need new tires? Automotive event tickets? The most up-to-date vehicle values? Hagerty Drivers Club has you covered. Ready to ride? Join the club.

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