Car Chase Leads To Stolen Cars, Artifacts Recovered

Feb 1, 2023 1 min read
Car Chase Leads To Stolen Cars, Artifacts Recovered

Yes, you read that right, artifacts…

Criminals aren’t always the brightest crayons in the box and that’s a good thing, because they often break a small law, exposing their much larger crimes. That’s what happened when 30-year-old Eduardo Munoz reportedly led Franklin County deputies on a pursuit in southeastern Washington state recently. Ultimately, he allegedly led them right to a stash of stolen cars, drug paraphernalia, and stolen artifacts of all things.

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According to local news outlets, deputies were searching for a stolen Honda Civic Coupe from Connell on SR 20 on January 7 when they spotted it. The driver, Munoz, didn’t pull over when deputies activated their lights, leading them on a chase before stopping at a nearby house north of Pasco. The driver jumped out of the car and ran into the house.

It didn’t take long to get a search warrant for the house, where deputies found five people, stolen property including 7 cars, a 34-foot trailer, and $100,000 in artifacts and fossils. This just proves our point that car thieves are sticking just to that crime, despite some claiming that’s as far as it goes and that cars are insured, so it’s a “victimless” crime.

Some of the stolen artifacts were displayed in the house, while others were in the trailers or stored in containers in the yard. Drug paraphernalia, including what’s believed to be meth and fentanyl, were found in the house, and trailers. Deputies say they found a sawed-off shotgun inside the stolen Honda Civic.

Investigators were able to use the treasure trove of evidence at the home to track down two other stolen vehicles. One was located in northern Franklin County and another was at a home in Richland. The sheriff’s office is working to return the stolen property from the house and other locations to their rightful owners.

Sources: Fox 41, The Chronicle

Image via IMDB

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