Car Hits 15th Century Toilet

Jan 5, 2024 1 min read
Car Hits 15th Century Toilet

Well that's crappy…

If you think you’re having a bad day, most likely you haven’t accidentally reversed your car into a centuries-old toilet that’s a national treasure, so there’s that. Unfortunately for a man in Kyoto, Japan he did just that. It gets worse: his job is to help preserve cultural heritage cites like the toilet at Tofukuji, a Buddhist temple which draws in many visitors wishing to bask in its beauty.

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The unnamed man thought he had engaged Drive in his automatic transmission but instead had it in Reverse, only realizing the mistake after crashing through the door to the bathroom in the temple. Unfortunately, some think it looks like that original door is ruined, but at least the collision seems to have not damaged anything else.

Reportedly, the man who crashed into the temple bathroom works at Kyoto Heritage Preservation and was visiting on business. He called police after the collision instead of just taking off and hoping nobody noticed.

It appears the car in question is a Kei car of some kind. That’s a good thing, because something big and heavy like a Dodge Challenger might have taken the whole building down. We don’t know if the thing has a rotary shifter like what you find in some modern American cars, but if it does then it’s no wonder the guy couldn’t tell the transmission was in Reverse and not Drive. Those rotary gear selectors need to be banned forever because they cause plenty of Code Brown moments like this one.

An unnamed official from the Tofukuji Research Institute told the BBC he believes all the damage is repairable. However, he put in that it will require “lots of work” to restore the state of the door and anything else damaged.

Source: BBC

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