Camaro Production Hits Another Snag

Jun 9, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Production Hits Another Snag

The Chevy muscle car can’t catch a break lately…

Oh the poor 6th-Gen Camaro, it’s been through so very much lately. Constantly trailing at the end of American muscle car sales, GM saw fit last year to stop production repeatedly as it needed to conserve chips for making more Equinoxes and Traverses. Now it’s happening again, another production pause, only this time it’s the 2023 models which are getting snubbed.

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According to a new report, production of the 2023 Chevy Camaro has been delayed by nearly two weeks. Originally, cars were supposed to start rolling down the production line at GM Lansing Grand River on June 6. But that date came and went without any movement. Now, it seems the production start date has been moved to June 17.

Maybe it’s appropriate that the second to last model year of the 6th-Gen is going through difficulties from the get-go. Last year, GM decided to halt production for the Camaro twice. The first time the stoppage was supposed to last for only two weeks but ended up going for almost two months. GM would never dream of doing such a thing with the C8 Corvette, a car which is red hot at the moment.

This makes us wonder if we will see more Camaro production stoppages in 2022. Is the delayed launch a way of conserving a dwindling chip supply again? That problem sadly is still ongoing, as evidenced when you drive by many new car lots these days. The end result could be not many 2023 Camaros are made, just like how last year GM only delivered 21,893 Camaros to customers. That rarity could make them more collectable in the future, depending on how the 6th-Gen Camaros are perceived by enthusiasts and collectors as the years wear on. Until then, it’ll be interesting to see if more production stoppages are coming.

Source: GM Authority

Photos credit: General Motors

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