Twin-Turbo Cadillac CTS-V Races Turbo Honda Civics

Dec 1, 2021 2 min read
Twin-Turbo Cadillac CTS-V Races Turbo Honda Civics

Do they even stand a chance?

At first blush, most people would think a race between a heavily modified, twin-turbo 2009 Cadillac CTS-V and a turbocharged Honda Civic would be a David versus Goliath moment. Only in this story, Goliath would stomp David in front of a cheering crowd. However, if you’ve raced or watched enough races, you know when it comes to car which are far from stock, anything is possible.

See a modified CTS-V Wagon hit 200 mph here.

It’s worth noting these races were part of the 2021 World Cup Finals. That means not only are the cars some of the best around, so are the drivers. It’s an important thing since a driver with a slow reaction time and all-around bad skills can seriously slow down the quarter-mile run for any vehicle.

All four cars are wearing some fat radials and pretty aggressive aero. It’s obvious the owners have worked hard to fine-tune these machines for one thing, the get down the quarter-mile stretch as quickly as possible. These are without a doubt focused builds, most like not something designed to just take on a course with plenty of tight turns.

I’m going to drop a spoiler alert here about the races, so if you don’t want to know the outcome just skip to the embedded video. These Civics never stood a chance, something anyone who knows about the Cadillac CTS-V would completely suspect. In other words, the Honda fanboys are probably screaming through tears of grief at the moment. They somehow don’t understand there are some pretty tight limits on a four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive car. That’s just science.

When it comes to a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive steed like the CTS-V, there’s plenty you can do to push it way beyond factory performance. While the Hondas put up a good fight, ultimately none of them get even close to taking the Caddie down. The last race is the best, with the American sedan doing a wheelstand and smoking the Civic, which impressively did an 8.850-second run.

Check out these races for yourself.

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