Cadillac CT4-V: A Sedan Revival on the Racetrack

Dec 28, 2023 2 min read
Cadillac CT4-V: A Sedan Revival on the Racetrack

It's a classy monster.

In the high-octane world of drag racing, dominated by muscle cars and sports coupes, the Cadillac CT4-V is redefining the role of the classic sedan. Turning heads with its blend of luxury and sheer speed, this Cadillac has recently roared back onto the racing scene, showcasing its prowess against an array of formidable competitors.

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Once seen primarily as a statement in luxury rather than speed, Cadillac's CT4-V is challenging this perception. It's a move reminiscent of the ATS and CTS models, which once rivaled the fastest cars on the drag strip, including the quickest Teslas and top-tier supercars. Yet, for a while, the Cadillac’s presence on the racetrack diminished, leaving a void for sedan enthusiasts.

This changed when the team at ImportRace decided to showcase the CT4-V's capabilities at New Jersey's renowned Island Dragway. The chosen contender, a sleek white CT4-V, might appear understated at first glance, but it hides an arsenal of aftermarket enhancements. These modifications are not just about increasing speed; they're about ensuring the car's reliability and performance under the intense conditions of drag racing.

The CT4-V's racing day was a testament to its capabilities. First up, it faced a grey Audi (likely an S3), and emerged victorious with a timing of 11.73 seconds, just edging out the Audi's 11.93 seconds. Next, it effortlessly outperformed a Camaro, clocking 11.8 seconds against the Camaro's 14.11 seconds.

However, the CT4-V did encounter a challenge in a BMW, potentially an M3 or M340i, which handed the Cadillac its sole defeat of the day. But the CT4-V bounced back, defeating a 2024 Ford Mustang GT and an older BMW 5 Series with impressive timings of 11.7 seconds and 11.76 seconds, respectively.

This resurgence of the Cadillac CT4-V in the drag racing arena is a clear indicator that sedans can still pack a punch and hold their own against more traditional racing favorites. With its combination of elegance and speed, the CT4-V is not just a vehicle; it's a statement that sedans are far from being a relic of the past. As the Cadillac CT4-V continues to dominate the dragstrip, it reignites interest and excitement in the sedan category, proving that these cars still have much to offer in the world of high-speed racing.

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