Guy Creates C8 Corvette Stealth Mode

Mar 15, 2023 2 min read
Guy Creates C8 Corvette Stealth Mode

Please don’t do this, just wake your neighbors up!

Some guy named Larry Lee who has a YouTube channel and a C8 Corvette decided to show off his rather janky “stealth mode” hack. As you probably know, the mid-engine Chevy Corvette has a rather loud exhaust like many performance vehicles with a proper V8 have, something certain neighbors won’t like. The device Larry shows off is supposed to solve that problem. And hopefully the whole thing is a joke or a troll, because if not we feel sorry for the guy.

Larry’s hack is to slide two exhaust pipes jointed to a muffler in a giant Y configuration into the C8 Corvette’s exhaust finishers, one for each side. This quiets the exhaust so your extra-sensitive neighbor who’s probably going to complain about your kids playing or your dog barking one time per month doesn’t get all worked up every time you leave.

What we want to know is would Larry stop outside of the neighborhood and install these before driving the rest of the way to his garage? Does he carry these around with him everywhere? The cargo space in a C8 is nothing like in a C7, so one would think conserving it for carrying essential items like golf clubs or frozen steaks purchased at Costco would be wise.

Here’s what makes us wonder if this is or is not a troll: Larry is wearing socks with sandals in the video. It looks like he has a pair of Birkenstocks on. Is he just asking for us to roast him? Is this a setup? It feels like a setup.

The guy covers his license plate with what looks like a piece of printer paper scotch taped to the car. Does he not know how to blur a static object in a video? Or is this janky hack a clear indication the guy wants to be mocked? You decide.

Check out Larry Lee’s video and see what you think of his C8 Corvette stealth mode hack.

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