What To Do When Your Neighbors Complain About Your Truck

Mar 19, 2022 2 min read
What To Do When Your Neighbors Complain About Your Truck

Some people are absolutely no fun…

If you’re an automotive enthusiast, chances are you’ve had to deal with at least one neighbor who was annoyed by your hobby. The reasons people don’t like when their neighbors own cool vehicles can vary and we don’t like to read minds, but we think deep down inside these lovely individuals are really jealous. After all, they typically drive some boring toaster and lead a life of misery, so when they see someone having fun they just have to bring them down. Misery certainly does enjoy the company.

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That brings us to YouTuber BERTRAND850 who owns a few cool cars like a Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 and an LLY Duramax. Apparently, there’s a feud going on with some of his neighbors who just don’t like his vehicles. We haven’t watched all his videos, but we get the impression they complain about any noise above the level of what a Prius makes.

This time around the neighbors were complaining about the 1985 Chevy Square Body BERTRAND850 has, branding it “obnoxious.” We get the impression they weren’t pleased with the noise the pickup was making. To make a point, the YouTuber ditched it an bought a second-gen Camaro he knew the neighbors would find far more annoying.

Wedged into that 1977 Camaro is a 496 Big Block V8 with a nice straight-piped exhaust bolted up, so it really rumbles at idle. Seriously, if you have speakers on your computer and are around other people who are easily disturbed, you might want to hook up headphones before giving the video a whirl, it’s that loud.

The YouTuber says he didn’t start the feud and remarked that since his neighbors complain about “everything” he figures he might as well have some fun instead of just being miserable as a result. Would you call that taking the high road?

Sweetening the deal further, BERTRAND850 says if the video of his newly-purchased Camaro gets at least 40,000 likes within 2 weeks he will do a burnout in the muscle car. At the time of writing this it currently sits at 10,000 likes. You know what to do.

Check out the video for yourself.

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