C8 Corvette Recalled For Excessive Exhaust Noise

May 30, 2023 1 min read
C8 Corvette Recalled For Excessive Exhaust Noise

Yes, this is real…

We truly live in the dumbest of times and proof of that is in a recall of the 2022 Chevy Corvette because the exhaust makes too much noise. While you’re justified in jumping to the conclusion this somehow involves California, perhaps the most Karen of all states at the moment, it in fact is going on in a state that’s far more of a Karen: Australia.

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That’s right, in Down Under where peaceful protestors are maced and otherwise assaulted because of wrong think crimes, regulators have decided the C8 Corvette is just too loud for the public’s sensitive ears.

Per a report from Aussie site CarExpert, the 2022 Corvette apparently violates Australian Design Rule 83/00, as announced by GM Specialty Vehicles in a recall notice. Government bureaucracy looking to kill all fun strikes again!

The good news is not many Aussies are in possession of these dangerous devices, otherwise the whole island could be def in a matter of weeks. CarExpert says only 106 C8 Corvettes are being recalled. Of course, since the manufacturer created the assault exhaust systems that put the public at risk, dealerships will fix the problem free of charge. That apparently involves a software update on the engine control module. What a time to be alive.

Of course, here in the States California has gone to war against exhausts deemed to be too disturbing and damaging to public health. That crusade has gotten some new vehicle owners with factory exhausts in trouble, so it’s completely reasonable and for your own damn good.

Not to be out-Karened, New York City allegedly has done one better and is using traffic cameras to monitor for excessively loud exhausts. Remember, Big Brother is always watching and will protect you from your own bad decisions. Aren’t we all so very lucky?

Image via GM

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