26 Luxury Autos Stolen In Heist

Nov 18, 2022 1 min read
26 Luxury Autos Stolen In Heist

Planned, practiced, and delivered, this heist was suspiciously good.

Many of you who have seen the movie Gone In 60 Seconds play the founder self glorifying the idea of stealing a whole bunch of high-powered luxury automobiles in the past. Of course you’d probably never do that in real life but it makes for a cool premise on the big screen. However these thieves apparently did not get the memo that you’re not exactly supposed to steal cars before they took 26 high end luxury automobiles from a dealership.

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You read that right, 26 luxury cars were stolen from CarSiri in Queens, New York. It may seem a wild and rare occurrence but a very similar incident took place not too long ago in the same area. On top of that the various sources covering the theft report the vehicles’ worth to be somewhere in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars range. However, if these were truly the minds of cars eluded to then it’s possible there was a lot more damage than just that.

The night started off like any other Saturday, until the power went out. That was the team cutting power to the building to disable cameras. Because of this, nobody knows what the thieves even look like. So the rest was pretty simple, cutting bolted locks and gates before eventually hijacking the cars themselves. It’s likely the previous heist mentioned before was sort of a trial run as they stole 19 cars at a value of $900,000. There will likely be many more occurrences like this as the team moves through various dealerships in the area. Let’s just hope somebody stops them before they steal even more automobiles.

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