Ford Is Making Sure The Bronco Will Be Well Accessorized

Jan 27, 2021 1 min read
Ford Is Making Sure The Bronco Will Be Well Accessorized

Ford's accessories for the Bronco are revealed.

While at first it may have looked like Ford was raising consumer expectations a little too high by saying that it was going to deliver the revamped Bronco as the ultimate off-road vehicle or on-road vehicle and it’s going to have over 150 official optional parts and accessories, from floor mats to car covers, and everything in between. That's a lot for a normal year. However, it has been no normal year. The pandemic has pushed production of the 2021 model back and, as of right now, the first new Bronco is expected to roll off the line in May. Through all that has been going on this year, though, it would appear that Ford is going to deliver two-fold on its promise, with 300 available factory-developed or factory-authorized accessories for Bronco buyers to choose from.

Now these details have not come by some official press release from Ford but rather by a slip up. Some sneaky forum goer posted a copy of the Ford dealer ordering form online. It is apparently available to view on a few different sites and it is unclear who posted it first but this is where we found it. Included in the list of 300 optional accessories are in-house and Ford approved supplier developed exterior, interior, and electronic parts that will allow buyers to customize their Bronco before it is even delivered.

On top of having a ton of available options, thanks to Ford, Thule, and Yakima, the Bronco is available in three different packages with two different engine options and two transmissions to choose from. Likewise, buyers also get to choose between an 8 or 12-inch touchscreen. Ford is obviously putting everything they have into making the new Bronco as capable, comfortable, and functional as it possibly can be.

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