Finnish Guy Blows Up His Tesla

Jan 22, 2022 2 min read
Finnish Guy Blows Up His Tesla

Wait until you hear his reason…

Many electric car websites have proudly trumpeted the popularity of Teslas in the Nordic countries, using them as a model for how the US market should be in the future. However, not everyone in the region is happy with their purchase over the long run. Take, for example, this guy from Finland who recently blew up his Tesla Model S using 30 kg of dynamite, making for one fine explosion.

See the Tesla crash that spewed batteries into homes here.

The 2013 Tesla Model S has suffered a fate many EV owners secretly dread: the batteries have given out. Owner Tuomas Katainen explains in the video of the explosion, which we’ve included for your viewing pleasure, the tale of how his trusty electric car became a giant paperweight.

He said the car was great for the first 1,500 km, but then it started displaying error codes. After having a tow truck take the Model S to a Tesla service center, the man waited a month until he finally received a verdict: the entire battery cell needed to be swapped out. The cost of such an operation was a whopping 20,000+€ (that’s about $22,000 USD).

Tesla had to approve the operation, but Katainen wasn’t impressed when it was explained that there was zero guarantee swapping out the battery cell for a new one would make his electric car work again. In other words, he could spend all that money and still have one technologically advanced paperweight. That’s when the guy decided to just blow the car up because that’s just the only logical conclusion or something.

Try not to think too hard about not only all that plastic and metal flying all over the winter landscape, but also the contents of the Tesla’s batteries. That can’t be good for the environment, which brings up the question of just what will happen to all these electric cars when they finally give up the ghost. Sure, they won’t be blown up like this, but will they just sit in a field and smolder? Will the old batteries leak into the ground water?

This explosion was done by what we assume are professionals who seem to know what they’re doing. They purposely loaded all the dynamite on one side of the Tesla so they controlled the direction of the blast. All that debris went flying at the rock wall, but just to be on the safe side everyone observing it were gathered in a shelter. What’s more, it was performed in a rural area away from civilization at an old rock quarry, ensuring no innocents happened upon the scene at the wrong moment. In other words, don’t try to replicate this stunt unless you’re an explosives expert.

Check it out for yourself.

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