Blackout Dodge Charger Runs From Arkansas State Police

Sep 30, 2022 2 min read
Blackout Dodge Charger Runs From Arkansas State Police

Some think this is the notorious blackout Charger…

As we’ve covered before, Arkansas State Police are quite good at chasing down suspects who are in far more powerful cars. Troopers seem to be rather methodical, well-trained, and simply outdrive suspects who get overconfident as they see the red and blue lights disappear in their rearview mirror, only to get caught in a PIT maneuver a few minutes later. This is why the blackout or ghost Dodge Charger, as some have been calling it, has been so fascinating.

Check out another Charger pulling the same blackout stunt here.

At least 7 times this year, someone driving a black Dodge Charger that’s almost certainly an SRT model of some sort has outdriven Arkansas State Police, slipping away into the night. The driver will shut off all the lights and literally just disappear. Since this doesn’t happen so often, there are all kinds of theories about who’s doing this and why.

We know the driver of the blackout Dodge Charger hasn’t been caught in part because the car has temporary tags. It’s obvious troopers are on the lookout for the muscle car but so far they’ve just been embarrassed repeatedly.

A pretty big stir was caused by YouTube channel Police Pursuits dropping a video it positioned as possibly being the blackout Charger. Even more exciting, at the end troopers actually do a successful PIT and catch the suspect. The only thing is this most definitely isn’t the infamous Mopar everyone has been following.

The real blackout or ghost Dodge Charger is black, but the car in this video is most definitely not black. Yes, the driver shuts off the lights at one point and that got people excited, but it’s the wrong color and this tactic is hardly unique. There's also no temporary paper tag on the Mopar. Another dead giveaway is the driver of this car sucks at driving. The trooper is able to get right behind the suspect in no time, so this guy isn’t that great at driving.

It’s still cool to watch once again as Arkansas State Police get their man who’s in a far superior vehicle, thanks to sound training. However, the real blackout Charger driver is still out there and might get away again sometime soon.

Images via YouTube

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