Final Limited-Edition Dodge Delayed Thanks To Supply Chain Problems

Sep 30, 2022 2 min read
Final Limited-Edition Dodge Delayed Thanks To Supply Chain Problems

This is just too comedic…

The final “Last Call” Dodge Challenger, the one which is supposed to be the crown jewel of the lineup, has been pushed back thanks to supply chain problems. If any car news story typifies 2022, it’s this. With component shortages, namely for computer chips, automotive manufacturing has been trimmed way back since at least early 2021. Because of that, yet another delay just isn’t all that shocking.

Learn how we got to the beginning of the end of Mopar muscle here.

Dodge and parent company Stellantis aren’t saying exactly what part shortages have pushed back the reveal of the final special edition Challenger. We just know originally the unveiling was going to take place at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which goes from November 1-4. Now there’s no set reveal date, so nobody knows how long we’ll have to wait, including Dodge.

Honestly, up to this point the “Last Call” Dodge Challengers and Chargers have been hugely disappointing. For the most part, they’ve been unimaginative with some light cosmetic changes and callbacks to Mopar nostalgia. In other words, they’ve been just a way for Dodge to cash in on its heritage in the most cynical way possible.

The least Dodge could’ve done was really shoot for the moon on performance. At best, these special edition cars are Jailbreaks, so they’re not any more special than regular production cars. Still, those who have been trained to just consume next product or hope to grab one and cash in on those who’ve been trained to just consume next product have been applauding them wildly. Sadly, this delay likely won’t sober them up.

Maybe, just maybe, this last Challenger will have something crazy like the Hellephant engine in it, but that’s not likely. After all, Dodge has been taught to play nice under the tutelage of Stellantis, portending a future without real Mopar muscle. So in that respect this is a proper sendoff for the Dodge Challenger and that’s just sad.

Images via Stellantis

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