Someone Bedazzled This Chevy C10

Oct 20, 2022 2 min read
Someone Bedazzled This Chevy C10

Why would anyone do this?

We’ve seen the famous old meme where it shows a bedazzled steering wheel airbag cover and some joke about riding around with a claymore pointed at you. Well, someone didn’t get that was a joke and they decided to bedazzle an entire classic Chevy truck. We wish this were a Photoshop joke but this build, if you want to call it that, appears to be entirely real.

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Odd Ball Kustom Garage in Austin, Texas – otherwise known as the Land of the Weirdos – decided to take a rusting old Chevy C10, restore it, then cover the thing with rhinestones. We can see why a 6-year-old girl who still thinks Disney princesses are real would think this is a wonderful idea, but these are adults who not only came up with this idea but saw it through to completion.

Called the Stoned Square Body, this project is guaranteed to make you laugh or cry, or maybe both at the same time. Not only does it glisten in the sun thanks to thousands or rhinestones affixed to every square inch of the body, the roll bar and bumpers have a rainbow chrome treatment for even more bling.

Seriously, they should just get it over with and plop a giant pink stuffed unicorn in the payload. Maybe add some fuzzy hot pink seat covers and dash cover, neon yellow shag carpeting on the floorboards, and a disco ball hanging from the cab roof. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised at any of that or if the entire interior is bedazzled, including the seats.

Unsurprisingly, this truck was first displayed to the public during the Austin City Limits Festival held in Zilker Park.  The comments on social media are full of praise from what appear to be grown women. Draw your own conclusions there.

Also, we found there are guides out there for bedazzling your cars. And people say Truck Nutz are tacky.

Photos via TikTok, Instagram

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