AutoTopiaLA Showcases Ruffian Cars' Ultimate Creation: A 700HP '64 Ford Galaxie

Feb 16, 2024 1 min read
AutoTopiaLA Showcases Ruffian Cars' Ultimate Creation: A 700HP '64 Ford Galaxie

Combining classic aesthetics with modern engineering, this Ford Galaxie redefines 'beast mode' with its Shelby 526 cubic inch FE engine.

In the realm of custom car builds, blending classic beauty with unbridled power is an art, and the latest masterpiece from Ruffian Cars is no exception. Their 1964 Ford Galaxie transcends traditional restoration, merging the soul of a classic American muscle car with the heart of a modern-day titan. Dubbed by enthusiasts as an audacious project, this vehicle stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of automotive craftsmanship.

Crafted under the watchful eye of Chris Ashton, this isn't just another restoration; it's a reimagining of what a classic car can be. Powered by a mammoth Shelby 526 cubic inch FE engine, the Galaxie boasts an astounding 700 horsepower, making it a formidable presence on any track. The integration of a dogbox transmission ensures that this behemoth not only roars but also purrs with efficiency on the asphalt.

What sets this 1964 Galaxie apart is not just its brute force but also its homage to the original design aesthetics that made the Ford Galaxie a beloved icon. It's as if a Time Attack Car, a fighter jet, and the classic Galaxie have been seamlessly blended to create a vehicle that respects its heritage while breaking new ground in performance engineering.

AutoTopiaLA recently showcased this spectacular build, allowing automotive enthusiasts a closer look at the precision and passion that Ruffian Cars pours into their projects. This Galaxie is more than just a car; it's a fully capable track beast that maintains a semblance of street legality, a rare balance that few dare to attempt and even fewer achieve.

As the third collaboration between AutoTopiaLA and Ruffian Cars, this project underscores the evolution of custom car building. It's a bold statement in the automotive world, proving that with the right vision and craftsmanship, the classics can indeed roar into the modern era with power and style.

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