Alleged Repeat Auto Thief Found Unconscious In Another Stolen Car

Oct 7, 2022 2 min read
Alleged Repeat Auto Thief Found Unconscious In Another Stolen Car

With six active arrest warrants and multiple suspected crimes, this guy did probably the oddest thing someone on the run could do.

Jaelin Miller is a 27 year old in Casper Wyoming currently being charged with stealing a classic car. Initially accused of stealing a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, he just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble as he was found unconscious inside of another stolen vehicle. Although it is unclear why he was unconscious, it's easy to see that he might have been hiding due to the six active arrest warrants placed against them. Now he's been charged with felony theft of the aforementioned Chevelle which is valued at around $50,000 due to its condition and prestige within Automotive collecting circles. So how exactly did this run-of-the-mill thief come across such an extravagant and rare classic vehicle?

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Originally reported stolen by the owner in the  old Yellowstone District on Tuesday September 6th, this car was taken from a storage facility that conveniently had no working security cameras. This is not to say that the owner of the facility had anything to do with the crime, though he was the only one with a known-key and there was no sign of forced entry. Rather it's just pointing out that the man charged with having stolen the vehicle must have had quite an elaborate strategy to get inside. Sometime after, a witness reported the car being moved to a garage in Evansville. An important side note to remember in the story is that there was a passenger reported riding with who police believe was Jaelin Miller.

Responding to the reports, the police were given consent to search the property where they found the Chevelle in the garage. According to the home's owner, Miller had asked if he could store the car there under the guise of protecting it from his girlfriend. Without a second thought the homeowner agreed as the two were friends and it's sort of a funny story to say the least. After dropping the car off, Miller and his passenger allegedly entered a white sedan driven by yet another unknown suspect. It's important to point out that the case has a lot of flaws, most of which surrounding how Miller actually got to the car without forced entry to the locked facility. The phrase "innocent until proven guilty" has found a nice home with this case because of this. Whatever actually happened, hopefully all parties responsible for the theft of the Chevelle will be found and Justice served appropriately, but until then it's all pretty much just speculation.

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