Another Charlotte Dealership Hit By Thieves

Mar 14, 2023 2 min read
Another Charlotte Dealership Hit By Thieves

This just keeps happening…

We’ve seen a number of car dealerships in the Charlotte, North Carolina hit by thieves in the middle of the night lately, including a recent incident involving several high-end cars. Whenever a pattern like this emerges there’s no doubt police are noticing it too, but the question is what are dealerships in the area doing to better secure their inventory.

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This time around, the incident in question went down at about 2 am on February 27. Like in so many other heists, the suspects just smashed the glass on the showroom doors and walked on in. Then they rooted around, finding key fobs in a desk on the showroom floor. Why dealerships aren’t doing more to secure fobs, including taking them off-site at night, is beyond us.

With the keys in hand, the thieves took the three cars sitting right there in the showroom. One was a 2020 BMW 840i the dealer says is worth $109,000. The second vehicle was a 2020 BMW 850i valued at $79,0000. And the third stolen car is a 2020 BMW 840i worth $68,000.

After making off with those Bimmers, the thieves helped themselves to a Maserati Ghibli S GranSport sitting on the lot, a vehicle which the dealer values at $55,000. Of course, all those prices are negotiable if you can work it right.

Joking aside, these heists in the middle of the night are becoming all too common. While dealerships insure their vehicles, this has to be impacting insurance rates in different areas. Are the insurance companies not encouraging dealerships to beef up their security, especially for key fobs?

Charlotte police are hoping since these are expensive, rare cars someone will recognize them. We’re wondering if they’re already on a ship bound for the other side of the world.

Source: WSPA

Images via YouTube

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