AMC Collection Shows Some True Muscle Car Drag Racers

Nov 9, 2023 2 min read
AMC Collection Shows Some True Muscle Car Drag Racers

From Trans Ams to Rebel Racers, this gathering of cars may be the most unique AMC collection of its kind.

AMC is a brand most notably known for its incredibly versatile production ranging from muscle cars to sports cars. Incredibly, they opposed the Corvette, beat tons of Mopas on the track, and pulled some seriously impressive sales numbers throughout the nation. As impressive as the company was, the success of AMC was short-lived as models like the Mustang, Barracuda, Camaro, and Firebird outlasted their production. Nowadays enthusiasts around the US come together in celebration of the brand a lot but very few actually possess one of the manufacturer’s top models. This guy is a particularly flamboyant exception.

A few great examples of his best cars include a 1969 AMC SS/AMX and a few S/C Rambler, all of which would have been great competitors on the dragstrip back in the day. The former car is a particularly great example to show off the brand’s best qualities as it is a full-blown factory drag car. Over its racing career, the car won the Northwest Regional Championship in the NHRA three times along with stunning fans at various other events across the country. On top of that, only 52 examples were ever built like this one which makes it a virtually instant classic collectors car.

Amazingly, those AMC S/C Ramblers are fitted with some wild features including a 315 horsepower 6.4-liter, 390 cubic inch, V8 engine, 500 Magnum steel wheels, and a wild limited-slip-differential. A stunning 1970 AMC Trans AM Javelin also brings attention to the collection as only 100 models of this caliber were ever made. Without further ado, one vehicle, known as The Machine, features styling very close to the Rebel at the time. Originally, it was going to proceed with the S/C Rambler for the 1970 model year and that's exactly what it did with exuberant panache. Overall, this is a wonderful collection of automobiles that perfectly represents the best AMC had to offer, and for the moment it seems to be the only one of its kind.

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