They are citing recent burnouts.

In an unprecedented move, Coffee and Cars, a popular car meet series in Texas, has announced a temporary ban on Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, and Chevrolet Camaros from their events. This decision follows recent incidents of reckless driving, including burnouts and excessive revving, involving these American muscle cars.

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The organizers have expressed their concerns over the safety hazards and legal implications of such actions, emphasizing that they are committed to promoting responsible and respectful car enthusiasm. They clarified that this ban is a measure to discourage and identify those responsible for dangerous behavior at their events.

Coffee and Cars events, known for their informal and inclusive nature, have been a staple in the Houston area since 2004. These gatherings, which began with a mere 12 cars, now see thousands of attendees every month, making them a significant platform for car lovers to showcase and appreciate unique vehicles.

The decision to ban these particular models has stirred a debate among the car community, with many owners of the affected cars expressing their displeasure, citing unfair generalization and discrimination. They argue that not all drivers of these models engage in reckless behavior and should not be penalized for the actions of a few.

The organizers have emphasized that the ban is not permanent and could be lifted once the culprits of the recent incidents are identified and dealt with by the authorities. They also hinted at the possibility of moving to an invitation-only model if such behavior persists, which could lead to more stringent entry criteria for future events.

Moreover, Coffee and Cars is working closely with local law enforcement to ensure future events are free from illegal and hazardous activities. This collaboration aims to maintain the integrity of the events while safeguarding public safety.

This ban reflects a growing concern among event organizers about the need to uphold safety standards and legal compliance, especially in large-scale public gatherings involving powerful vehicles. Coffee and Cars' decision serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with car ownership and the collective duty to promote a safe and enjoyable car culture.

H/T: Autoevolution

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