Abandoned Farmhouse Hides Several Classic Cars

May 19, 2022 2 min read
Abandoned Farmhouse Hides Several Classic Cars

Which of these cars would you rescue?

Often times the term “time capsule” is used to describe what are obviously highly staged barn find videos – this is not one of those times. Instead, what we bring to you today is an amazing video of a guy exploring an abandoned farmhouse located in the middle of nowhere in Canada, along with several classic cars and some farm equipment, for good measure. While it’s sad to see these vehicles just deteriorating as they sit, at the same time it’s incredibly mesmerizing.

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Abandoned at least 12 years, the farmhouse was built in the early 1920s. Scattered about the overgrown property are multiple classic cars, like a Volkswagen Type 2 single-cab pickup truck. Most have parts missing, some show obvious collision damage. Why they were strewn around the farm is a good question we’ll never get answered.

If you’re like us, you’re wondering why someone would leave all these cars, farm equipment, and a house full of stuff just sitting. The guy who runs Abandoned Urbex Canada thinks it’s possible the owners died of natural causes and their next of kin just didn’t care. That seems really weird, but some people have interesting ideas or are just lazy. Maybe there’s another explanation, but his seems like a pretty good guess.

Sadly, the guy says some people have gone through the house and taken antique items for their own profit. While they might reason the things have been abandoned and so are up for grabs, we’re not entirely sure about the legality and morality of such a move. We’re also guessing nobody has bothered pulling in a wrecker to take the cars because that would be too obvious, which tells you all you need to know about what people really think about stealing stuff from the property.

If you could rescue any of these cars legally, which would you take? Check out the video for yourself. If you want to skip straight to the part with the classic cars, go to 14:09 in the video.

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