600-HP 1923 T-Bucket Is Not Messing Around

Oct 22, 2022 1 min read
600-HP 1923 T-Bucket Is Not Messing Around

This ridiculous low-slung T-Bucket tears through the streets of L.A. with a racing legend behind the wheel.

Ford has made a name for itself for always being on the front line when it comes to American automotive tech. From the very first Model-T which pioneered the idea of mass production and showed the utility of the assembly line to the world of American manufacturing, to current-generation cars such as the Mustang. Ford sets an example for others to try and follow. Of course, competition is fierce and for the company that has become synonymous with the phrase “Fix Or Repair Daily '' it can be quite easy to forget the storied past of this, now world-famous, automotive giant. However, this car brings back memories of where Ford came from. Starting life as a regular old T-Bucket and eventually being transformed into a drag strip dominating beast, this thing is fantastic.

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Under the hood, if you can call it that, is a gigantic LS engine that sports an incredible tri-powered tunnel ram that sticks out like a sore thumb on the top of this, normally fuel-injected, American V8. Coming out from the sides of the engine are a set of long-tube headers and custom side exhaust which give this 1932 T-bucket a true hot-rod look. That incredible engine is pushing this car from 0-80 in just 3 seconds which is faster than virtually any production car and most modified racers today.

While this guy knows what he’s doing in the performance realm, being a three-time NHRA champion and founder of his own automotive company. The appearance factor is certainly not lost with this build. One of the most striking things about this car is the low-slung stance and darker red paint. Interestingly enough the paint is a Chrysler color called Deep Molten Red which suits the car perfectly along with the tan interior. This allows the driver to rip wicked burnouts and hard pulls and look good doing it.

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