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Ringbrothers Chum The Waters With SEMA Teaser

By Elizabeth Puckett Oct 10, 2019
Shop Muscle
By Elizabeth Puckett Oct 10, 2019
A partial picture of a Camaro and vague caption is all it takes to make your imagination run wild!

The SEMA show always attracts some of the wildest builds out there, and most of them are just pure showmanship to prove what an aftermarket shop or brand can do. For the most part, SEMA vehicles aren’t something a reasonable person would want to own, but there are a few builders who work outside that exception - one big one being the Ringbrothers, a shop that always produces the finest restomods with the coolest custom touches you can imagine. And with the 2019 SEMA show creeping up in just a few weeks, we just ran across a teaser of what the Ringbrothers has to showcase.

Posted on Facebook this week was a cryptic rendering with the caption “Big things coming at The SEMA Show this year. Stay tuned for more! Any guesses what we’re unveiling?” - and the guesses did indeed roll in after that. 

Keen observers quickly chimed in that the rendering was simply an image of a the rear three-quarter of a 1969 Chevy Camaro. The Ringbrothers shop is no stranger to Camaros, producing their ‘G-Code’ and ‘Razor’ projects that have made the rounds at previous SEMA shows. However, the fabricators never disappoint, and in a sea of classic Camaros that will surely flood the SEMA show floor, this will likely be the talk-of-the-town when the show kicks off.

So what exactly should we expect when this rendering comes to life? A lot more than the drawing shows, but what we can gather is that the bumper is carbon fiber, as well as the roof. The rear spoiler appears to be quite a bit more bold than other designs, and the car is rolling on some big deep dish wheels with massive brake rotors pictured - could the serious brake setup mean the car is going to need a major braking assist from a lot of go-fast parts? It wouldn’t be surprising, especially if history repeats, or one-ups itself.

We’ll find out the details when the show begins on November 5th, and we’re certain the build will not disappoint!


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