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Millennial Saves 1982 Chevrolet Corvette From Decade Of Neglect

By Jeffrey N. Ross Oct 08, 2019
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By Jeffrey N. Ross Oct 08, 2019
Who said millennials don't love cars?

As much slack that millennials take for not driving cars or knowing how to drive a car with a manual transmission (neither are true, by the way), there are definitely some diehard automotive enthusiasts in this younger generation. Just take a look at TheCorvetteBen, a YouTube channel dedicated to a millennial, Ben, who finds neglected classic cars, rescues them and then rehabs the car back to life. And that is exactly what he did with this 1982 Chevrolet Corvette.

This C3 Corvette stopped running in 2009, and the owners parked it in their driveway where it sat neglected for 10 years. That's when Ben came along to presumably purchase the car and do his best to revive the 37-year-old 'Vette. With any project car that has been sitting that long, the first order of business is getting fresh, clean gasoline to the engine. 

There's no telling what caused the car to stop running a decade ago, but neither the fuel injectors nor the fuel pump were working once he got it loaded up onto the trailer. His first step was to remove the fuel sending unit check out the gas tank, and that's when he noticed about a quarter of a tank worth of 10-year-old gasoline as well as evidence that water had leaked into the tank. After draining the tank, replacing the fuel pump and rebuilding the sending unit, the Corvette fired up on its first crank!

This car has a lot more work to go before it can get back on the road, but a running and idling engine is always a great start to a project. So next time you're making fun of the younger generation for not appreciating cars or knowing anything about them, just remember videos like this one.

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