Get Ready To Bid On A Restomod 1954 Chevy 3100

Oct 8, 2019 2 min read
Get Ready To Bid On A Restomod 1954 Chevy 3100

Modern power and comforts make for a more usable truck.

Looking appropriately sinister, this 1957 Chevy 3100 has obviously been altered to outside its stock specifications. The truck sits low to the ground and rides on more modern, large, and chrome 5-spoke wheels. While the windshield brow has been retained, the matte black paint job makes it clear this truck isn’t messing around. Plenty of bidders likely will be drawn to this ride when it goes up for auction soon through GAA Classic Cars.

The body panels are overall in good condition. Contrasting nicely with the paint is the original brightwork, which has been polished up to a wonderful shine. Everything sits on a Chevy S-10 chassis, with the gas tank relocated to under the truck.

Backing up the cool looks on this pickup is a Chevy 350ci LT1 Small-Block V8, which produces 300-horsepower. That’s a big bump from the stock setup on this truck, so it can really scoot in a hurry if you lay down the hammer. An automatic transmission helps you to concentrate on keeping this Chevy going straight, while power steering means you’re not have to wrestle the steering wheel constantly. Four-wheel disc brakes are another welcome addition, keeping you further in control.

The modern touches on this Chevy truck don’t stop there. Open up the door and you’ll find shoehorned in the cab two bucket seats and a big padded center console donated from a more modern GM. A two-tone leather upholstery uses black and cream to great effect. As for the dash, it has been wrapped with softer materials, while the stock gauges and steering wheel help keep some of that original charm.

This Chevy 3100 was made toward the tail end of the first wave of GM Advanced Design pickups created after World War II. They were bigger than the prewar trucks in just about every way, plus have details like alligator hoods. Combining all that history with modern technology and comforts makes this a truck you could enjoy on a daily basis.

GAA Classic Cars will be auctioning this ride on November 7, 2019 so register for the auction early if you want a chance to grab it. If you have further questions about this vehicle or the auction, contact GAA Classic Cars directly.

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